Division 2 Boosting is the point

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Submitted By Fogingsam on April 15, 2019 - updated April 15, 2019 (11.10)

No, Division 2 Boosting is the point, you can not since you've to/can do more with motion and maneuvering and maybe even goal overall, in contrast to just hiding behind something, do some cheesy slow dodge rolls and hold the mouse only in 1 location and hold LMB without even tracking skill or whatever. In Division you stand spray, both standing and infront of someone on eahc other like retards and not much more to it. Even shroud stated that. And in the event that you can't find that than you just don't possess this gaming in you. As it is obvious how buttcheeks the gameplay division is in comparison to other FPS games (where you also use your LMB to shoot, but it doesn't mean it is the same) Division is simply dog shit gameplay for plebs who enjoys casual story shit and easy peasy shooting against spiders? .

That is what you wanna believe! Because you can hold The Division 2 Boosting in cs doesn't mean whatever crap or it is the same as Destiny or Division. Holding LMB for minutes(!) Like a brain dead and do thousands of headshots since he stands on a single spot or move af that is slow or anything is a joke gameplay. You can't see any difference, because you are probably one of these carebears that always suck in games that are aggressive and simply have no idea. Those that severely can have fun with the shooting game in Division such as are exactly those unskilled carebears in different games, since they eventually feel rewarded if they do kills or any type of progression. . But whatever I do not give a shit, have fun with this game.

For me the division 2 is unplayable. I dont know why but the game keeps on buffering like every 5 to 10 minutes. It doesn't rubber band, it buffers. Sometimes the game crashes. My CPU being a ruzen 2600 can run it just fine at settings because that is all my 1050ti can deal with. But its. Sometimes I cant leavr that the safezone. I attempt to buffers then crashes. I really want to keep cause it is fun but I cant causr of the 1 bug. Ive checked, my cpu is being used to 70 percent of its power. I honestly dont know what it is but I hope it gets fixed.

Minimum: 37
Maximum: 73
  • Solo
  • Druid
Quest Required:
Recommended Skills
Magic Level 3
  Item Name Level Required Vocation Value Weight GP/Oz Dropped By
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