For now Maplestory M Mesos let us

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Submitted By mmogofifa on July 16, 2019 - updated July 16, 2019 (11.10)


For now Maplestory M Mesos let us get WoW Classic first. Let them deliver it at the nearest kind to Vanilla as possible. Obviously WoW Classic will go stale after 2-3 years since there's no additional development, but that's exactly the time for these changes. THAT will be the opportunity to choose whether to go on to TBC for a preservation project, or to create WoW Classic further, down a different route. A match with Vanilla WoW philosophy but fresh content and new metas.


I feel that the majority of individuals will play WoW Classic till some point where they break of getting limited mana, becoming one shotted, wiping 300+ occasions, things getting stolen, every guild trying to duplicate Leeroy Jenkins, too much grind, bad luck strike, bad luck wipes (taunt miss as an example), and several many many other shit they never saw before will create them quit WoW Classic or return to retailstores.


That's my perspective. I was kicked from a guild in TBC because"I lose mana too fast". Yet another thing; I really agree with your point of several specs are not likely to be seen played in raid is going to be a game breaker. As myself I'm going to play enhancement shaman due to the broken windfury they'd had, but I believe that I am not likely to stop playing retail too due to the simple fact that I am really enjoying it (Yeah I fucking understand retail is trash waah waah


I actually love the images and the narrative, and I think that what blizzard did in relation to class balancing and changes isn't perfect but great for all specs. 1 last point old does not need to be golden WoW Classic will not be still a success if blizzard did not work their asses off to create all this huge content that"is not worth my 12 dollars". I love WoW I've been enjoying since TBC and I love what blizzard is doing, it had been great and still great. This very one final thing I always wanted to state SOO was a really cool raid with really amazing mechanics with entire lot range of it (not you, you fucking bastard goblin boring shit boss). Regardless of the failure of a race show they ended the explanation with a badass fight and Maple M Mesos an epic ending.


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Minimum: -1
Maximum: -1
  • Solo
  • Profit
  • Knight
  • Paladin
Quest Required:
Recommended Skills
Axe/Club/Sword Fighting 0
Shielding 0
Distance Fighting 0
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